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Each of us has the power to manifest anything we can imagine. Together, we have the power to manifest a better and more prosperous future.

Through inspiration and support of one another, we can take individaul action that will manifest our dreams and improve the lives of those we care about most; our friends, our family and our community.

Supporting others who are active in their dream binds our powers to manifest and accelerates our impact; consolidating time, increasing reach and elevating conciousness. Together, we can advance our lives individually and lift our great society beyond its current limitations.

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Tool: Change a Belief

Taking control of my life and changing my limiting beliefs initially conjured a story of great difficulty and lots of time and effort. I was discouraged.  However, after a bit of trial and error, I figured out how to change my beliefs with very little resistance and lots of success.  The key for me was to understand how my mind worked.

The first step leading to my success was to de-stabilize the current belief I wanted to change. For example, I no longer wanted to believe that changing my belief would be difficult, time consuming and effortful, so I started to “doubt” that this true. This “doubt” was easy to accomplish because I could not provide any evidence that this was true. Once my belief was de-stabilized, it allowed my system to bring in a new belief without conflict or violence, in a natural attempt to re-stabilize.


I decided that I wanted to replace the old belief with a new one, and I wanted the new one to be that changing my beliefs would be quick, painless and require a low amount of effort.

After identifying what belief I wanted to change and what belief I wanted to adopt, I walked through the following steps to make the change;

  1. I started to feel more open to believe this new belief, and when I felt like I was truly open, I than stepped into the ‘Currently Believe’ space concentrating on the new belief you want to have.
  2. If there are any conflicting or limiting beliefs that come up in the ‘Currently Believe’ space, hold them in mind and move to the ‘Open to Doubt’ space. 
  3. To determine what kind of progress I was making, I stepped into the ‘Trust’ space and considered both the positive intents and purpose of the new belief and any conflicting or limiting beliefs. I considered what changes and/or revisions Id need to make to the new belief. Finally, I considered if there were any parts of the old beliefs that would be worth retaining or incorporating along with the new belief.
  4. Than I returned to the old limiting or conflicting beliefs that you left in the ‘Open to Doubt’ space, bringing the insights you had from the ‘Trust’ space and moved them into the ‘Used to Believe’ space.
  5. Than I stepped back into to the ‘Currently Believe’ space and focused on the new beliefs that I wanted to strengthen. I experienced my new sense of confidence and verbalize my new insights or learnings that I discovered during this process.
  6. Finally, I stepped back into the ‘Trust’ space and considered the changes Id made.

Because this process was natural and organic to the way that I establish my beliefs, it has made the process of changing my beliefs quick, easy and effortless.  And, i can quickly and simply make any adjustments to my beliefs that I need to. 

What belief do you want to change

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