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Each of us individually have the power to manifest anything we can imagine, and together, we have the power to manifest a better and more prosperous future.

By inspiring one another to take personal action to manifest our dreams, we will grow as an individual and improve the opportunities of those around us; family, friends and community.

Supporting those who are active in their imagination binds our powers to manifest, increasing our impact (i.e. consolidating time, increasing reach, etc.) advancing each us and our great society beyond current limitations.

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You are destined to experience that which you BELIEVE

You are destined to experience that which you believe with the most amount of certainty.  That is the flaw in positive thinking.  You can stick reminders on every wall in your house and repeat “I am happy” for an hour each and everyday, but, if you do not feel it within you and if you do not feel that with more certainty that any conflicting belief i.e. “nothing really makes me happy”, than this will never be what you experience.

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4 types of belief systems:

Type 1 - contains mostly dogma, indoctrination, and controlling beliefs. The intention is to be right, I’m right and they are wrong. This is the intention behind war and strife. You will be pursued based on emotions making you right or wrong.

Type 2 - contains common sense beliefs. You already know without looking, more certainty instead of remembering. How many times you need to repeat an action before you know. No effort is involved in believing in them, you just know. Intention is to conform and act rationally. You appeal to their sense of conformity.

Type 3 - scientific fact supported beliefs. If you want to experience a complicated belief system, prove it. Intention is to dispute facts that don’t support your theory. Realm of physical science, fact, theories, and measuring devices. The mantra – what evidence do you have for believing that? Arguing over evidence, to settle it with measuring devices.

Type 4 - intentionally created beliefs, or what you know as primaries. You can create an experience by simply believing in it. The process of believing comes before the process of experiencing.


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Tool: Transparent Beliefs

I first became aware of transparent beliefs when someone I trusted aked me to explain to them why I was doing something. And when my answer was “that’s just who I am”.. I began to realize that I didn’t really know, and I really didn’t want to think about it. 

This led me to working through a line of questioning asking a series of repetitive questions, outlined below. This line of questions led me to discover what I thought I believed, and ultimately, what I decided I would believe.

discovered I had transparent beliefs that were not chosen by me, but adopted by me when I was an impressionable young boy. During the questioning process I tricked myself into expressing them, and then stepped back and looked at what I just said. 

  1. The initial question was “What would you like to change?” 
  2. Once the situation has been pinpointed, I was asked 

(a) What belief might someone have in order to experience that (situation)?

(b) How do you prove that the supporting belief is true?

(c) What other belief might someone have in order to experience (situation)?

(d) How do you prove that belief is true?

(c) and (d) are alternately addressed until there is a realization

These questions inquire into the beliefs that are creating the situation and the experiences that reinforce the beliefs. They also question the certainty behind the belief.

If there is low certainty, which is the situation for most transparent beliefs, and as I was willing to really look at what I believed, I was able to accept that I really had no reason to believe what I said I believed.

I used this tool to understand better who I really was by challenging all the beliefs I held.  I challenged my belief in god, my belief in government and my belief in how the world actually works.  I realized that my beliefs were all based on what others I trusted told me they believed.  Without my own experience, I chose to trust their belief.

I have made different choices recently, and I now believe what I choose to believe about God, government and how the world works. 

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